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Master's Class | Exercise Classes For Older Adults in Dublin

Exercise classes for older adults. Learn how you can improve your strength and fitness by starting our Master's Program today. 

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What is the Master's Program? 

The Master's Program is a physiotherapy led strength and exercise class for over 55's. As physiotherapists we are used to seeing people in pain, with injuries and post surgery. For the vast majority of these patients the biggest component of their treatment plan is progressive rehabilitation exercise.

Rather than waiting for patients to turn up at our door with injuries, we created the Master's Program to help to keep older people fit, healthy and active. 

The class is a safe place for older people to exercise and train with people their own age in a physiotherapy led class. It takes place in our large facility in Dublin 12. All new members complete an individual physiotherapist appointment prior to joining the class where we go through your medical, injury and surgical history, do a full physiotherapy assessment and go through the main exercises in the class.

Be sure to check out our videos that explain the Master's Program in more detail alongside some testimonials from our current members!

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Check out what some of our current members have to say


How Does It Work? 

Part 1 (Medical Screen)

Meet one of our Chartered Physiotherapists who will run through your medical, surgical and injury history with you first and answer any questions which you may have about the Master's Program.

  • Medical History.
  • Surgical History.
  • Injury History. 

If you have had previous MRI's or other relevant imaging or testing, please bring copies of your reports with you for your initial appointment.

Part 2 (Physiotherapy Screen)

We will do a physiotherapy screen to test out any current or previously injured areas and to get a baseline level of your strength, mobility and movement competency. 

  • Test out current / previously injured areas.
  • Baseline strength and mobility testing.
  • Movement screen for main Master's Program exercises.

This is where we will find your strong and weak areas and discuss how the Master's Program can help target these.

Part 3 (Class Trial)

You are then welcome to trail our Master's Program for classes, just like all of our full time members.

  • 2 class trial.
  • Your own personalised gym program.
  • Decide after that if you want to join full time or not.

No upfront sign up, no joining fee, no pressure. Try it out for yourself first and only join if it is something which you are enjoying and can see the benefit of doing.

Class Timetable

Class Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Why does the Master's Program Work?

Hear why members trust the physiotherapist led Master's Program and how they value the small class sizes and watchful coaches.

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Can the Master's Program be tailored for me?

Hear how the Master's Program can be personalised to your ability. It won't be too hard or too easy - we will find the right level for you to start.

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Why is it important to strength train as we age?

Mike discusses how most adults lose muscle mass, muscle strength and bone mineral density as they age. However, this can be slowed and reversed through resistance training - the 'Use It Or Lose It' Principle.

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Hear from more of our current members


Here are some FAQs we get asked about the Masters Class

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