Master's Program

Use it or Lose it! 

Physio-led strength and exercise class aimed at older members of the community, keeping them fit and active and ensuring that they stay as mobile and independent as possible as they age.


"I found the Mater's Program to be very helpful. When playing tennis I had a pain in my shoulder and my lower back. After doing the Master's Program I am playing tennis completely pain free which is great. I feel stronger generally and more confident when on the court. I found the Master's Program to be an enjoyable experience with the training geared to suit my level. The coaches were very helpful and friendly with advice to ensure that I was doing the exercises in a safe manner. I would highly recommend the Master's Program"

- Liam Nugent, 67

"I was skeptical about doing the class and really only started during lockdown because I couldn't play tennis or swim. I've bene doing it for 8 weeks now and find a marked improvement in both strength and mobility. I can stand, walk and play tennis for longer with less pain and find that although my knee can still hurt, the recovery time is far shorter. Both Mike and Rocky are professional and encouraging and make attending the class a positive (almost enjoyable!) experience."

- Josie McMorin, 72

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Mike is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Trinity College Dublin. He is passionate about keeping people as fit and active as possible, especially as they age. He believes that strength and exercise training is for life and will help you to progressively and safely improve your strength and fitness.



Benefits of Strength and Exercise Training in Older Adults

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass and strength tend to decrease as we age. With decreased muscle mass and strength, everyday activities can become more difficult - such as climbing stairs, carrying items and doing the activities we enjoy. Luckily for us our bodies remain adaptable and when we start strength training we get stronger, gain muscle and more importantly these acitivities become easier.

Bone Mineral Density

Bone needs to be consistently loaded and challenged throughout our lives to remain strong and dense. As we age our bone mineral density decreases - especially for postmenopausal females. Strength training is one of the most important ways to improve and maintain strong and healthy bones. 

Mobility & Independence

Strength and exercise training helps to keep you active, mobile and independent. It can help increase balance, prevent falls and improve your walking.


Class Times


Monday 11am  |  Tuesday 10am  |  Wednesday 11am  |  Thursday 10am  |  Friday 11am


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We advise that you book in for a one on one physiotherapy assessment with Mike before joining


Full Medical and Injury History

Movement and Exercise Assessment

Prerequisite Strength and Balance Testing

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Use It Or Lose It!