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Master's Program | Exercise Classes For Older Adults Dublin

Use it or Lose it!


Physiotherapist led strength and exercise classes for older adults in the community, keeping them fit and active as possible as they age.


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What Is The RAPID Master's Program?


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The Master's Program

Exercise Classes for Older Adults Dublin


The Master's Program is a physiotherapy led strength and exercise class for older Adults in the community. As physiotherapists we are used to seeing people in pain, with injuries and post surgery. For the vast majority of these patients the biggest component of their treatment plan is progressive rehabilitation exercise.

Rather than waiting for patients to turn up at our door with injuries, we created the Master's Program to help to keep older people fit, healthy and active. 

The class is a safe place for older people to exercise and train with people their own age in a physiotherapy led class. It takes place in our large facility in Dublin 12. All new members complete an individual physiotherapist appointment prior to joining the class where we go through your medical, injury and surgical history, do a full physiotherapy assessment and go through the main exercises in the class.


Class Times


Monday: 11am & 11:50am

Tuesday: 10am

Wednesday: 11am

Thursday: 10am & 2:30pm

Friday: 11am & 11:50am

Saturday: 11:15am


All New Members


All new members must book in for a one on one physiotherapy assessment with Mike before joining


Full Medical and Injury History

Movement and Exercise Assessment

Prerequisite Strength and Balance Testing


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