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Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic

RAPID is a physiotherapy and sports medicine clinic in Dublin 12 focused on quickly and accurately diagnosing your problem, helping you to fix your pain and improve your performance. We combine our knowledge of rehabilitation with our passion for strength and conditioning to build personalised programs which will not just treat your symptoms but get to the root cause of your problem and build you back fitter, stronger and healthier than before.

We are one of the Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Dublin with over 170 5 Star Reviews. We have helped hundreds of clients rehab their injuries and return to full function. Start your rehab journey today by booking in a session below with one of Dublin's Best Physiotherapy Clinics.

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RAPID Rehabilitation


At RAPID we focus on diagnosing and addressing the root cause of your problem and not just treating your symptoms. We are CORU registered Chartered Physiotherapists. We are experts in exercise rehabilitation and give each of our clients a specific, individualised rehabilitation program to resolve their pain and to help them to live a fitter, stronger and healthier life. 

RAPID Performance


At RAPID we are also experts in the principles of strength and conditioning and exercise physiology. We use these principles to build comprehensive programs which not only address our clients pain but also address their sport, their activities and their fitness goals. We believe in rehabilitating all the way back to top level performance.

Jay Reynolds

Former Professional Golfer

When I began working with Mike, I was not only in constant pain, but I was without a solid plan to recovery. With Mike’s expertise, we were able to build a progressive rehab plan together that combined strength training, mobility training, and speed training, all specific to golf. After a few months I was not only almost entirely pain free, but I was also able to avoid surgery, I was back playing tournaments and I was stronger than I had ever been. He is the best physio I have ever worked with and if he didn't have to return to Dublin, I’d still be working with him to this day! Thanks again for all the help.



Harrison Brewer

Former Professional Rugby Player

I've been lucky enough to play professional rugby all over the world. However, my professional career was unfortunately plagued with lower limb injuries, resulting in 6 surgeries. Since I've started working with RAPID over the past year I've never felt this good, I've never moved this well and I've never been as strong in the gym. I can't thank Mike enough for all his rehab and programming, and how he managed to seamlessly combine the two - now I can't wait to get back playing. I couldn't recommend RAPID more for any physio, rehab or performance needs.


Jack Olin

Scratch Golfer

Every golfer is constantly looking to improve their golf swing. Without being able to move your body correctly it is hard to make the progress that you're seeking. Mike is an expert at finding where each individual is strong and maybe not so strong. He goes above and beyond to pinpoint specific movements and exercises that will help you improve your weaker areas, while all the time explaining why and how this improves specific parts of your golf swing. His ability to merge Physiotherapy with functional golf movements is second to none. Within 3 months of working with RAPID I noticed a complete change in my balance and power throughout my swing, along with adding 5-mph club head speed. I cannot recommend RAPID enough, Mike is the best physio in Dublin.

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