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Hip Pain 


Hip pain is one of the most common injuries which we see at RAPID. The hip is hugely important to the normal function of our everyday lives, such as walking, getting out of a chair and going up and down stairs. It is also vital during sport and activities like running, cycling and jumping.

Hip Pain can be simply split into acute hip pain and chronic hip pain.

Acute hip pain normally has a clear moment of injury, such as a fall, a twist or an impact. There may have been a snap or a pop and pain was likely immediate after this incident. There may have been swelling and bruising. It might have been very difficult to walk and put weight on the leg after the injury. These types of injuries can be quite debilitating and it is important to get them assessed as soon as possible in order to find out what structures are involved (muscle, tendon, bone, ligament, labrum) and what the recovery journey will be like. 

Chronic hip pain usually has no one clear moment of onset. It normally comes on slowly and progressively gets worse over the subsequent days, weeks, months and sometimes even years! This pain often occurs after starting a new activity (such as walking, running or the gym) or following a period of heavy manual work (gardening, moving house, hiking). This pain can be quite debilitating as well, and often a combination of rest, anti inflammatories and pain killers may have been unsuccessful. You may have put it down to, or been told that, it is the result of wear and tear or of an old injury. You may think that it is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. You may think that you need an injection or an operation. At RAPID we often see patients who have had chronic hip pain for a long time, have seen multiple professionals in the past without success and go on to make a full recovery with our expert assessment and rehabilitation. 

Symptoms of Hip Injury 


The most common symptom of hip pain which we see at RAPID is pain when extending the hip, especially with weight on it. This can make everyday activities difficult such as getting up from a chair, walking down stairs / an incline and doing a squat. Here are some of the other common symptoms which we see

  • Pain standing up / straightening up - such as out of bed, a car or a chair.
  • Pain and difficulty standing on one leg
  • Pain walking or running, especially for prolonged distance.
  • Pain twisting or turning - rolling in bed, turning to get out of a car.
  • Pain up and down stairs or a hill.
  • Pain getting up and down to the stairs.
  • Pain sitting for long periods such as driving, on a flight or at the office.
  • Pain squatting, lunging or doing deadlifts in the gym.
  • Pain sprinting, jumping and landing, changing direction during sport or swinging a golf club

The pain may be at the front, the back or the sides of your hip. It may travel down your thigh or into your groin. You may feel weak on one side or that you lean all your weight on one side. At RAPID we strive to find the Root Cause of your hip pain and not just treat the symptoms.

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How to Treat Knee Pain?


The first step to treating your hip pain is to get it assessed by one of our expert Chartered Physiotherapists.

At RAPID we complete an extremely thorough assessment in order to get the most definite diagnosis possible and in order to provide you with the most complete plan to full recovery. Your individual treatment will be dependent on your injury and the results of our assessment.

Most hip pain treatment will involve a progressive rehabilitation program with expert exercises to fix your pain and improve your everyday function and your sporting performance.

RAPID | Hip Physio Experts


We at RAPID are experts when it comes to dealing with pain and injury. With over 250 Five-Star Reviews you can be sure you are in good hands! 


Here are some of the other conditions which we regularly see and treat: 

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