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Back Pain 


Back Pain is one of the most common injuries in the world affecting millions of people. At RAPID we see and help people every single day who are struggling with back pain. Despite how common back pain is, how much research has been completed investigating it and how much money has been spent trying to fix it, back pain remains an incredibly confusing area of medicine. 

The number one thing we tell all of our patients who present with back pain is not to panic! With a proper assessment and a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, the vast majority of our patients make a complete recovery, even if they have failed with multiple professionals and treatment options in the past.

Historically back pain has been managed very poorly - patients often come to RAPID fearful of moving, feeling that their back is very vulnerable, thinking that their discs and spine are worn away and that the changes are irreversible. The vast majority (99%) of back pain does not involve serious structural damage or pathology - despite what your MRI might have told you. In fact, the changes which we see on MRI - disc degeneration, loss of disc height, disc herniation, disc bulge, protrusions, arthritis etc - are extremely common on the MRIs of people with no back pain! 

You are not your scan!

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published an article in 2019 titled 'Back to basics: 10 Facts every person should know about back pain.' Here are the 10 Facts which will hopefully help relieve any fear and anxiety which you may have.

  1. Persistent back pain can be scary, but it's rarely dangerous.
  2. Getting older is not a cause of back pain.
  3. Persistent back pain is rarely associated with serious tissue damage.
  4. Scans rarely show the cause of back pain.
  5. Pain with exercises and movement doesn't mean that you are doing harm.
  6. Back pain is not caused by poor posture.
  7. Back pain is not caused by a 'weak core'.
  8. Backs do not wear out with everyday loading and bending.
  9. Pain flare-ups don't mean that you are damaging yourself.
  10. Injections, surgery and strong drugs usually aren't a cure.

Symptoms of Back Pain 


The most common symptom of back pain which we see at RAPID is, well, back pain! This pain can be slight, or it can be severe. It may have started this morning, or it may have been there for 20 years. It might be on one side, or on both sides of your back. It may be worse when you're active, or it might be worse when you sit down or stand still. It might be solely in your back or it might travel down your legs. 

Back pain is an incredibly broad area and no two patient's will have the exact same symptoms and presentation. That's why it is so important to get assessed in person by one of our Chartered Physiotherapists to see what the exact cause of your back pain may be and what the best solution is. If you have had previous scans please bring your reports along with you and we will correlate what the report says with your symptoms and with our assessment.

Here are some of the most common movements / actions which trigger back pain symptoms in our patients at RAPID, this is not an exhaustive list and almost every patient we see has a different limitation or trigger.

  • Pain bending over - putting on shoes or socks, picking things up from the floor.
  • Pain standing still for long periods - waiting in line, giving a presentation, cooking.
  • Pain sitting down for a long time - driving long distances, sitting as the desk, taking a long flight.
  • Pain twisting and turning - reaching behind you, getting in and out of the car, playing sport.
  • Pain toward the end of the day or the end of an activity such as a long walk or gym session.
  • Pain the night or the next morning after an activity - gym, sport, walking, DIY work which felt fine at the time.
  • Pain doing fast motions - swinging a golf club, jumping, running.

The pain may be all in the back or it may be in the legs also, it may be sharp or dull and it might be on one side or on both. At RAPID we strive to find the Root Cause of your back pain and not just treat the symptoms.

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How to Treat Back Pain?


The first step to treating your Sciatica is to get it assessed by one of our expert Chartered Physiotherapists. At RAPID the treatment and rehabilitation for your back pain will be totally dependent on the Root Cause of your back pain and not a 'one size fits all' approach that we take with every patient we see. 

At RAPID we complete an extremely thorough assessment in order to get the most definite diagnosis possible and in order to provide you with the most complete plan to full recovery. We will combine the results of your various scans and tests with your current symptoms and with our expert assessment in order to find out exactly what is causing your back pain and what might help to fix it. Your individual treatment plan will be dependent on your exact injury and the results of our assessment.

Most Back Pain Treatment will involve a progressive rehabilitation program with expert exercises to help you to fix your pain and improve your everyday function.

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We at RAPID are experts when it comes to dealing with pain and injury. With over 250 Five-Star Reviews you can be sure you are in good hands! 


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